There is so much you can do for your business with Bitrix24. You don't have to manage your CRM's limited basics. Contact us today, let's expand your reach, and multiply your sales!

How we are working

Discussing goals and objectives
Evaluate the project
We form a commercial offer
Signing a contract
Together with the client we write specification
Perform work in accordance with the specification
We hand over the work to the customer


IT-Sputnik is a Bitrix24 integrator company that specializes in all forms of integrations and improvement for your Bitrix24 CRM. By integrating this efficient CRM with your online store, ERP system, lead generation, and digital marketing platform, we help you maximize your customer relationships for exponential growth.

We are a team of specialists who have ALL it takes to make your projects as successful as possible. Among our team members are experienced Bitrix24 programmers, business analysts, and software experts.

One attractive fact about the IT-Sputnik team is that we all work from remote locations. Nevertheless, we are guided by strict work ethics and policies, such that our synergy and individual dedication are unrivaled.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today, and let’s begin the splendid journey of scaling your business 100X!



Years of experience with Bitrix2

Initially, Bitrix24 "grew" from the CMS 1C-Bitrix. Our team has been working with 1C-Bitrix for more than 10 years for websites development before we went to work with Bitrix24 starting from 2014.

Strong team

In order to deliver projects with high quality, not only programmers are needed, but as well as business analysts, system administrators, VOIP specialists and project manager. Our team has got all of them.

Low cost of our work in US dollars

Thank God for the sanctions! Before the fall of the ruble, the cost of programmers in Russia was more expensive than in the United States. Now the cost of an hour of our programmers instead of $ 100 began to cost $ 35!

A large number of projects

Every good doctor has a graveyard in the background. We also have our own graveyard of ruined projects, but thanks to this experience we know for sure what works and what doesn't for Bitrix24.

Excellent knowledge of English

If people do not understand each other, then how will we understand what needs to be done?! To successfully make a project you need to have such excellent communication skills as Emin Mamedov does.

Official contract

We work with our clients under an official contract and payment for our services is made to the company's bank account.

Implementation of Bitrix24 according to Agile

Together with the client, we write the specification for the Phase of the project. Then we “cut” this phase into subtasks and then perform those tasks one by one. That helps us do a better project time and cost estimation.

Transparent project management control

Development hours pre-estimated for each task. During performing the task, the client always sees the actually spent man-hours on development as we add the client as Extranet user to our Bitrix Extranet Group.

VOIP specialist

There are always a lot of problems with connecting third-party telephony to Bitrix24. Bu we have a specialist with extensive experience of doing such integration!

Very experienced System Architect

When you use a large number of technologies in the development, you need a person who has the experience and knowledge of many technologies, not just Bitrix24. There is such a person in our team.

What may improve your business


Integration with other IP telephony providers. An internal number is set up for each employee, setting up redirects and other functions, if necessary, and support from the operator.


If your employees do the same actions, it means that these actions can be automated with the help of Bitrix24 Robots or programmed by the Business Processes module in Bitrix24.


Much depends on the sales department, in many cases the business itself. The effectiveness of the sales department can be increased with automation and made transparent with the help of proper reporting.


Using End-to-end analytics tool of Bitrix24, you may analyze all your marketing activities from the visiting of your web-site or the call to your sale department to the final sale. In the end, you always know exactly how much money you spent on the source of sale and how much you earned from each source.


Any company need Task Management Tools. You can, of course, use Trello or Outlook. But Bitrix24 will be much more convenient and practical because Bitrix24 is a single portal for the entire company.


Every company need tools for internal communication such as text messaging, emails, voice calls, or video meetings. Of course, you may use the "zoo" of tools, for example, for text messages  - WhatsUp, for a voice call - Skype, and for email - outlook. Information will inevitably be lost and most importantly, and it can go beyond the company and get to whom it is not intended to. It is better to use only one tool - Bitrix24. As Bitrix24 has all that you need for internal communications and it is very secure!


Our team

Эмин Мамедов
Emin Mamedov
Project manager
Эмин Мамедов
Russell Crowe
Bitrix24 Business Analyst
Эмин Мамедов
Jamil Bulatov
Bitrix24 programmer
Эмин Мамедов
Stepan Pravdoukhin
Bitrix24 programmer
Эмин Мамедов
Andrey Bogomolov
Bitrix24 programmer
Эмин Мамедов
Alex Shurak
System Administrator
Эмин Мамедов
Alexander Shander
Telephony expert
Эмин Мамедов
Miracle Okeke
Content manager
+7 (812) 425 65 40
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