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Professional team

We are a team of specialists who have ALL it takes to make your projects as successful as possible. Among our team members are experienced Bitrix24 programmers, business analysts, and software experts.

IT-Sputnik is a Bitrix24 integrator company

We specialize in all forms of integrations and improvement for your Bitrix24 CRM. By integrating this efficient CRM with your online store, ERP system, lead generation, and digital marketing platform, we help you maximize your customer relationships for exponential growth.

Our Work process

We are guided by strict work ethics and policies, such that our synergy and individual dedication are unrivaled.

About company

IT-SPUTNIK is a Bitrix24 Developers team that specializes in all forms of integrations and improvement for your Bitrix24 CRM.

How We Do

Creative Procedure

Discussing goals and objectives

Evaluate the project

Signing a contract

Together with the client we write specification

Perform work in accordance with the specification

We hand over the work to the customer

8 Reasons Our Team Is Your Best Bet



Having begun our journey into the world of IT as website developers, we have worked with Bitrix24 for more than a decade. We started by developing for the CMS 1C-Bitrix, before spreading our wings to Bitrix24 in 2014.



At IT-Sputnik, we are not a bush-league of lawless fellows. Prior to the commencement of every project, we and our clients agree on an official document, and necessary payments are made to the companies account.



We know that completing a project of premium quality requires more than one area of expertise. This is why our team consists of seasoned experts in different fields. We work with programmers, business analysts, system administrators, and VOIP specialists, just to ensure that you get the very best of our services.



To get tasks done, we use the Agile method to divide and subdivide them into small less. This method saves time, effort and your money.



You can readily afford every single one of our services! Instead of breaking the bank for our programmers’ time, you get to pay an inexpensive fee to enjoy our premium programming expertise.



When we say we have maximum control over our processes, we mean it. In addition to control, we are also transparent. You see everything that happens on your project on the Extranet page, because we allow you some level of respect.



Because we have handled a countless number of projects, no project you bring to us will be new to us. We will definitely know how to go about every one of your projects for optimum results.



We know that without adequate communication between us and our clients, then there cannot possibly be any progress. Hence, we at IT-Sputnik have invested so much into ensuring that you can clearly communicate your project needs to us, and we can judiciously meet them.

How we Improve Your Business

Yes, we know that communication is key in your business endeavours, so we will help you integrate your Bitrix24 with Telephony. We shall also set up redirects, internal contacts for each employee in your team, and premium support from your operator.

We also know how important time and accuracy are to the success of your business. Our integrations automate most processes for you, and saves your business the cost of labour and errors associated with human inputs.

We know that your clients' loyalty depends largely on the efficiency of your sales department. Our sales force automation will exponentially increase this efficiency, and with proper reporting, ensure that you never get to worry about transparency.

With Bitrix24’s razor-sharp end-to-end analytics, you never have to miss even the tiniest detail of your sales funnel again. You’ll know the exact resources spent on and gained from every call, web visit and closed deal.

We know how unproductive your business can be without adequate management. So, IT-Sputnik invests so much into seeing that Bitrix24 does all the managing for your tasks and customers.

No business can thrive without proper communication. We know how much you want your employees to work in close contact. We also know how much you do not want to lose touch with your clients and potential clients. So, IT-Spunik's Bitrix24 integrations offer you an all-encompassing platform for all forms of communication, from voice calls, to emails and text messages. You won't have to worry about losing your data, or having it land in the wrong hands.

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Client’s Feedback

“IT-Sputnik is by far the BEST company I have worked with. Their knowledge of the Bitrix24 CRM, company needs, and willingness to go the extra mile to make your life easier is second to none and I look forward to working with them again. I encourage everyone who needs the services they can provide to look no further than them!”

client image
Donovan Richard
Owner of JD Home Solutions

“100% Thank you for an excellent job completed. I am very satisfied for the work performed. Your company is very knowledgeable with Bitrix24 and you bring a lot of quality to your work. Best of all you delivered work exactly to my requirements”

client image
Lakenya Beard
Owner of LAND Logistics Ltd

“I wanted to especially thank you and your team for understanding the urgency of this project and working extra hours to meet the timelines. I would confidently recommend you and your team for your expert services in Bitrix24 installation, customization, PHP coding and IT projects. Thank you again and I look forward to implementing our future IT projects with you”

client image
Sean Shahan Karadjian
Owner of

“Dear Emin, Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! For all the work on the system to date.We've been working on it for over a year and we're really delighted at how it is going so far, having juststarted to use it live last week. There are bugs etc, but we are all very impressed! So, thanks again Jamil and Emin and Igor for the brilliant work, we love the system.There is plenty more work to do so hopefully we can continue to bring positive changes to the business.”

client image
Deirdre Connoly
Operations Director at Mint-Tek

“Emin and has team - it was a pleasure to work with you. Bitrix24 is not an easy product to install and to work with when you have no prior experience of it. Thanks to Emin and his team, they managed to get it to a point that we are happy with it. Keeping this in mind, this is difficult for them when you do not know what the potential of the Bitrix24 product is before hand. Thank you also for your guidance and understanding.”

client image
Armand Cronje
CTO at Nova Life

“The project was completed within stipulated time-frame and it was perfectly configured exactly according to our requirements. The additional time and efforts that you and your team have put into this project have not gone unnoticed and the dedication of you and your team is greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend your team in the areas of your expertise and wish you very best in all your current and future endeavors. I look forward to continue working with you on more challenging and more rewarding projects”

client image
Danish Thanvi
CEO of Background Check Group

Cloud pricing







Starter business tool suite

Sites and CRM to grow your business

Rock-solid CRM

Rock-solid project management

Advanced business tool suite

Unlimited business tool suite

Users Unlimited2 users6 users24 users50 usersUnlimited
Monthly fees $0$17/mo$41.40/mo$41.40/mo$59.40/mo$119.40/mo
Online storage 5 GB10 GB50 GB50 GB100 GB1,024 GB
CRM BasicAdvancedAdvancedBasicAdvancedPro
Tasks and projects BasicAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedPro
Communications BasicBasicAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedPro
Chats and video calls BasicAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedProPro
Online store BasicAdvancedAdvancedBasicAdvancedPro
Contact center BasicAdvancedAdvancedBasicAdvancedPro
Administration BasicBasicAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedPro
CRM marketing --Basic-AdvancedPro
Sales Intelligence ----AdvancedPro
Sales center -AdvancedAdvanced-AdvancedPro
Support BasicProProProProPro

On-premise pricing




12 users $1,490--
50 users -$3,992-
250 users -$7,192-
500 users -$11,992-
1000 users --$24,990
5000 users --$44,990
Unlim users --$59,990

Our creative crew

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