Our Mission Statement

Countless companies and organizations use the Bitrix24 CRM, but not up to 90% of these users know that their CRM can be tailored to meet their unique business needs. Our goal is to help you explore the uncharted territories of Bitrix24, and also put the standard functionalities to maximum use.

We customize Bitrix24 to meet your business needs, and equally integrate the CRM with your choicest business solutions to make your processes more efficient and productive. We help you see beyond the ordinary so you can effectively take your customers to a whole new level of experience.

Do you hope to automate your business processes, sales funnel or customer acquisition and interactions? Or are you looking forward to multiplying the efficiency of your employees and team members?

Better still, do you think your business is underutilizing the features of Bitrix24, and you’re looking for ways to explore and get the most value from the CRM? We are committed to helping you use your resources maximally by ensuring that no functionality of your CRM is left untouched or underutilised.

Whatever your case may be, IT-Sputnik has got you covered. We are dedicated to seeing that you achieve the most with your CRM in the most convenient and sales-driving ways possible. We also help you bring out the best in your employees and team members by establishing collaboration across all facet of your business.

We are guided by strict work ethics and policies, such that our synergy and individual dedication are unrivaled.