We are a team of specialists who have teamed up to make quality projects together.

We do not have a single office,  we all work remotely and, sometimes, get together to discuss “urgent matters”.

We work not only for money so that there is anything to live for, but we also work for the “conscience”, for experience, and we really do only what is interesting to us.

There are various specialists in our team, but they are all professionals and all are responsible for their work.

Who is in our team

  1. Emin Mamedov – Project Manager (should someone control everything)
  2. Kirill Misichev – Business Analyst (now we need to understand what to do next with this Bitrix24)

  3. Jamil Bulatov – Systems Architect Bitrix24 (when they realized what to do, now it is necessary that someone would decide how to do it)

  4. Igor Achkasov – Programmer Bitrix24 (the one who do that job)

  5. Alexey Shurakov – System administrator (when everything has fallen, and no one knows “what to do?”, He comes! Our super hero is a Sysadmin)

  6. Anna Dyachkina – Accountant (if money is not counted, they will be lost somewhere or they will be stolen)

  7. Alexander Shander - IP telephony expert (only he knows how that can be connected to Bitrix24)

  8. Claudia Chalkova – Programmer Bitrix24 (the one who do that job)

Briefly write what we do, you get the following:

  1. Writing additional functionality for Bitrix24 using PHP
  2. Integration of third-party services with Bitrix24 using REST API

  3. Business process programming and Robots setup

  4. Integration of third-party applications using web-hooks

  5. Data migration from third-party CRM systems to Bitrix24 (such as Salesforce)

  6. Developing Salesforce functionality in Bitrix24

  7. Integration of the company's telephony with Bitrix24 (very good expertise in Asterisk)

  8. Development of solutions for call centres

  9. Bitrix24 customization for clients

  10. Training of Bitrix24


Check what our clients think about us

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