Generating New Deals From Product List of Previous Won Deals

Much more than is noticed, businesses thrive better on repeat customers than fresh leads. For one thing, generating leads, converting them to customers, and having them approve a sales contract require more resources than selling to a returning customer. Also, repeat customers often become brand ambassadors because they'll tell others about every product or service they enjoyed from you....


How to Integrate Google Workspace Calendar With Bitrix24

Just like every other human endeavor, a business front needs proper planning and organization to be efficient. As a business owner, when you fail to set up an effective schedule for your employees and processes, it tells on both your bottom line and your customers.

In this post, we’ll show you unmistakable signs that you need to review your planning and employee schedule.


Bitrix24 and Your Sales Commission Structure

If your sales team will consistently push for success in your business, your sales commission must be commensurate to their efforts. From generating leads and converting them to customers to closing deals and making successful sales, every sales rep should be well compensated for their hard work.

To be able to compensate your sales team adequately, your commission structure must be topnotch. It must also flow with your sales funnel.

Undoubtedly, there are several...


Creating an Effective Ticketing System on Bitrix24

Just like checklists, ticketing systems are handy tools that ensure that business processes are organized and executed in their order of importance. For organizations that are keen on customer service and support, a ticketing system enables their service agents to serve customers excellently. Advancements in technology now allow businesses to set up online ticketing solutions for their customers. On such systems, customers get to make requests which are then forwarded to the company as...


Integrating G-Suite Webmail with Bitrix24

Emails have become a necessity in the world today - irrespective of your lifestyle and business type. At the cost of almost nothing, emails have afforded mankind the convenience of communicating at the speed of light without making as much as a sound. You can send an email to someone in another region of the world, and the next person won't even know you're in touch with someone else. Amazing!...


Your Business Can Benefit from Conference Calls

With the Covid-19 Pandemic currently ravaging different parts of the world, physical meetings are already becoming a thing of the past. Prevailing lockdown rules have also made it difficult for people to travel for conferences and meetings. And social distancing rules have drastically reduced the number of people that can gather per time.

Since most business operations must go on without breaking prevailing laws, businesses have resorted to working remotely. Video and...


Checklists are Your Business’s Biggest Fan

Successful business deals are rarely accomplished by the completion of a single task alone. Each deal requires a series of action steps, stages, and processes to qualify as complete. Hence, for each deal you’re able to close in your business, several tasks will need to be completed. And this is where checklists (just like a ticketing system) step in to help your business.

Checklists are your business’s biggest fan...


Getting Your Sales Contracts Approved with Digital Signature

For every business, deals determine the flow of its sales funnel. The longer it takes to close a deal, the slower the sales funnel. This stage of getting deals closed is usually the peak of a sales team's responsibility.

So maybe your sales team has successfully converted a lead to a potential client, and emailed the sales contract over to get signed. But the client seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. Or maybe one of your sales reps have sent a thousand...


Get Your Business Quotations Approved

Quotation preparation is the most critical aspect of every sale funnel after lead generation and conversion. It determines - in its unique way - whether or not a lead will eventually become a customer. And in the long run, a well-crafted quotation can improve customer satisfaction and retention and consequently increase sales. However, this potential is linked to its capacity to get converted into an invoice.

Unfortunately, the process of creating quotations is often neglected or...


Importing Leads on Bitrix24

Leads are the most exciting words used and understood by businesses of all types. They are entities (individuals or companies) that have communicated their interest in a business's products or services. They are also the hopes on which business operations hang on, such that business owners do not mind expending multiple resources to generate leads.

Why Are Leads Important?...


Email Signatures and Your Business

You've learned over and over that the subjects of your business emails are crucial if they will be read. But after completing the subject and body of each email, do you fall into the temptation of scribbling just anything at the end? If you do, then you might be doing your business more harm than good....


Group Topics for Your Bitrix24 Workgroups

CRM is a priceless asset to every business / organization. In addition to enhancing customer relationships, CRM also makes business growth possible by fostering team productivity and improving business processes.

By improving business processes, CRM provides an avenue to centralize data, automate tasks, and also carry out projects systematically.

On the other...


Why You Need to Create Task Templates in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 CRM enhances your business's relationship with your customers. It ensures that you are well-equipped to relate with them and their data effectively. Further integrations of the system also allow you to automate most processes for faster and more productive interactions.



Troubleshooting Self-Hosted Bitrix24 SMTP

Self-hosted Bitrix24 comes with a truckload of advantages. Nevertheless, it is not without its troubles. These troubles are often easier to understand if users begin their Bitrix24 story with this version. However, if the issues begin after a migration from the cloud version of Bitrix24, it may not be too easy for you to handle.

An example of the technical issues associated with self-hosted Bitrix24...


Data Import/Export on Excel

We know we've shared reasons why your business needs Bitrix24 more than spreadsheets. But it does not suffice to say that your business does not need Excel spreadsheets at all. Bitrix24 CRM exists to afford you convenience in your relationship with your customers and team members. It also ensures that your business processes run as smoothly as possible. But a CRM does not rule out the functions of a spreadsheet where...


Does Bitrix24 Analytics Matter?

In this age, it is practically impossible for business operations to run successfully outside laid down principles and logic - especially if the efforts for growth will not be in vain. Hence, every business needs analytics to function optimally and with long-lived results.

Business analytics are generated to improve the efficiency of business processes, especially when they are accompanied by prompt responses. But...


Bitrix24: From Cloud to Self-Hosted

The two versions of Bitrix24 are unique in themselves, but their differences are more than obvious. The self-hosted version of Bitrix24 gives room for further integrations, but most users prefer to sit snugly with the cloud version. This preferred contentment is no surprise because all you need to do is pay for the Bitrix24 license and then complete a straightforward registration process to get the Bitrix24 cloud version up and running. ...


Why Should You Monitor Your Call Center Agents' Reports?

Getting a standard customer call center service is no cheap task. From finding the right firm to   preparing call center scripts   and ensuring that issues can be adequately resolved, setting up a call center is not a breezy task.

More importantly, by the time you set up your call center, you would have only taken the first step in improving your...


Boost Your Business with a Web Contact Form

Does my business need a web contact form?

Why can't I make my email address or phone number available on my website?

You may have questions like these regarding a web contact form.

Well, the second option does seem easy and straightforward. And for the first, this post is dedicated to answering that question. However, your business will benefit from a contact form more than it would from publishing your contact. Read on to find out how....


Moving Your Business Data

If you've ever changed the physical location of your office, you'll most likely understand what it means to move your business data from one system to another. Just as you would sort out all your papers, folders, and boxes to ensure they arrive at your new location intact, you'll also want to ensure that your data remains intact during database migration.

Data migration can be from a local storage location to a cloud or web database and vice versa. It can be from one...


Why Your Business Needs Bitrix24, Not Just an Excel Spreadsheet

Several elements can work against your business operations. The pretty obvious ones are fierce competition, niche complexities, and poor customer perception. Others may not seem noteworthy, but they can strip you of your client base faster than you built it. One of them is the use of a spreadsheet like excel for customer...


Who Can Access What on Your CRM?

Your customer relationship management system, as its name implies, is a very potent management tool. In your CRM, you can monitor everything within your business, from your interactions with customers, to the effectiveness of your employees. In essence, the mouthwatering benefits of CRM systems like Bitrix24 are summarized below:...


Merge Those Deals and Improve Your Bitrix24 Efficiency

It is always a good sign for your business if you have more than one deal with a particular customer. After all, only a customer who enjoys your services will call your customer service agents for more information even after contacting you on your website.

However, while multiple interactions with a particular customer may mean well for your sales, it will backbreaking for your CRM....


Bitrix24 and Office Mapping

Controlling employees is so demanding that most organizations dedicate a Human Resource team for it. But then, even human resource teams (consisting of other employees) can encounter roadblocks while managing people within an organization.

Fortunately, you can harness your Bitrix24 CRM - in addition to your human resource department, and at no reoccurring costs - for improved employee management...


Enjoy Stress-Free Payments with Bitrix24 Invoice Automation

If your business operations require that you process one or two invoices on a daily basis, your accounts payable department may find it an easy task to complete. But when it comes to handling invoices in their hundreds, you may need to resort to automation, as certain consequences may accompany the manual processing of such volumes.

With invoice automation, you enjoy numerous benefits from your Bitrix24 CRM. They include:



Creating Custom Report on Cloud and Self-Hosted Bitrix24

CRM systems like Bitrix24 play a significant role in retaining a business's customers. One of the ways CRMs do this is through the creation of reports. By creating adequate and accurate reports, businesses can understand their customers' behaviors. They can also rightly channel their resources to improve customer experience and retention.

In summary, the importance of Bitrix24 reporting include:

  • You can easily make necessary changes to your...


Data Selection and Your CRM Leads

CRM is the lifeline of any business. Without it, managers and business owners may never be able to effectively monitor and organize their transactions with customers. With good CRM, you can effortlessly monitor customer behavior and activity for necessary changes and improvement. You can also enhance the interaction between your employees when you deploy an effective CRM tool.

Nevertheless, the usefulness of your CRM can only be seen in the quality of data you enter into it. How do...


Bitrix24 for Customer Feedback Automation

Customer feedback - whether good or bad - is a priceless commodity that no business owner would want to joke with. After all, how do you figure out your business' impact on your customers if they do not give you feedback? But then, you may need to ask before most customers will leave any feedback on your product and services.

That customer feedback is vital for your business does not necessarily mean you neglect other processes for it. Automating your feedback process using...


How We Make Your Bitrix24 Lead Card Dynamic

The efficiency of your Bitrix24 CRM shouldn't be limited to what it does for you alone. This efficiency should also be evident as you use your CRM for your day-to-day business transactions.

Time is an irreplaceable asset and something no one - even professionals - gets enough of. In essence, a CRM should not only streamline your business processes; it should also help you manage time properly. So, instead of focusing...


Customization of Bitrix24 for Car Rental Business

Every day, billions of people around the world move from place, and a large percentage of these people prefer to move in automobiles. Sadly, not every one of these automobile-lovers own their own vehicles. As a result, a car rental business is definitely no child's play.

If you own a car rental company, you may have realized how complicated it can be. From keeping up with daily orders, to satisfying your...


Product Price Automation on Bitrix24

A customer relationship management system like Bitrix24 undoubtedly helps you manage every interaction you have with your customers. In essence, such Bitrix24 equips you to deliver the best services without jeopardizing your business's convenience.

From lead generation to deal closing and sales forecasts, Bitrix24 also helps you streamline your sales funnel for increased revenue and...


IT-Sputnik Bitrix24 Integration

Bitrix24 currently boasts of over one million clients worldwide. Approximately 60% of this number are only trying out the program or do not put it to frequent use. Half of the remaining 40% of Bitrix24 users prefer to continue with this solution's cloud interface. 

Hence, the number of actual users is left at approximately 200,000. Sadly, only 10% of this number are willing to commit financially to use the Bitrix24 CRM software. 
There are approximately...


How to Create Standard Document on Bitrix24

The day-to-day interactions you have with your customers and employees are crucial to the survival of your business. And there is no better way to record these interactions other than adequate documentation.

Creating document files for each transaction (either inquiry or sales) you have with your customers can be a huge task to complete. But when you allow us to integrate your document generator with Bitrix24, work will be a lot easier for you and your employees....


IT-Sputnik: A Customer-Friendly IT Company

IT-Sputnik: A Customer-Friendly IT Company

When it comes to customer services, every company – including IT companies – prefer to work with the systems best suited for them. However, from inception up until now, IT-Sputnik has gained mastery over different customer relation systems. As such, we can work with clients and potential customers via various work systems.

This flexible working system of ours has announced and established our services...


Send Voicemail from Bitrix24

Bitrix24 – the Easy Way to Send Ringless Voicemails

As obsolete as the word ‘voicemail’ may sound, it still remains valuable for excellent communication and customer service within any business. Having being a more efficient substitute for answering machine, voicemail service has received a major improvement to become an all-encompassing solution for unanswered calls.

Just for more emphasis on how Bitrix24 is the perfect CRM software for your...


Integrate G-Suite with Bitrix24 for Your Business

If there is a list of goals every team must attain, then improved productivity should be on that list. When a business's productivity is increased, it is better positioned to utilize the slightest opportunities for increased sales. And what better way can productivity be improved if not by a smoothly running system?

G-Suite is Google's collection of apps that includes email, calendar, contacts, drive cloud storage, admin console, docs, and sheet. It is reliable and...


Custom Integration of Asterisk with Bitrix24 Using Web-Hooks

Your company’s interaction with customers, suppliers, and vendors makes up a vital part of your overall market efficiency. By using call systems like Telephony, you can efficiently carry out call actions, track them, and improve your customer support services' efficiency.

Undoubtedly, a Customer Relationship Management software like Bitrix24 is essential for improving your company’s bottom line. However, an integration of Bitrix24 with your call management system ensures...


Integrating Bitrix24 with Inventory Management System

Integrating Bitrix24 with Inventory Management System

If you own a building, you surely do not want to accept payment for an apartment, only to later discover that it is already in use by another. While a refund will quickly solve the problem, a properly integrated inventory system will ensure that such incidences never occur in your business.

Proper and adequate inventory management is essential for the survival of every business that deals...


Call Center Script Module for Bitrix24

Consistency is key and is what a call center script – included in our Call Center Script module for Bitrix24 – does for your company if your customer services must be exceptional. A call center script is a pre-arranged guide that contains information that is used by customer service agents during calls. It is also the bedrock of topnotch customer support systems.

However, most clients and agents believe that a call center script is somewhat artificial, and does not attend to the...


Ticketing system for Bitrix24

Every company – including IT firms – needs some form of organization. When you’ve got a lot of things to do, trying to carry them out manually will only cost your company a lot more time and money than is necessary.

As an active organization, a ticketing system is what you need to help you get things done accordingly. From taking customer orders, and issuing invoices to them, to fixing system bugs and troubleshooting, efficiency is key. You obviously want the activities within your...


The organization of telephony based on Bitrix24, Asterisk and Cisco Unified Call Manager

The organization of telephony based on Bitrix24, Asterisk and Cisco Unified Call Manager

The Alpha Direct project was interesting in terms of it's implementation.

In spite of this pattern our customer set requirements for functionality, serviceability and availability of the service quite on the level of the world standards. 

Also customer jealously monitored for exact fulfillment of their requirements.

Generally work with...


Development of new functionality "Power Dialing"​ for CRM Bitrix24

We customized Bitrix24 as a professional caller. There we integrated the PowerDial system and for this we integrated Bitrix24 with Asterisk and connected two telecommunications operators, one for incoming, the other for outgoing calls to save money of the client. It works as follows:

1. The Bitrix system loads Leads and starts the process of calling.

2. Contacts are transferred to the list in Asterisk and Asterisk starts calling them self.

3. If the...


Incoming SMS for #Bitrix24

For better client communication many our clients SMS. For many countries it is cheap and conventional.

In Bitrix24 exist standard tools for outgoing sms using Twilio service. Unfortunately there is no way when your clients may reply to that SMS!

In other words, you may send SMS from Bitrix24 to your customers, they may read, but not reply and that is why two-way SMS communication is not possible for now by default in Bitrix24.



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