Incoming SMS in #Bitrix24

Many our clients use two-way SMS communication to be closer to their customers. For many countries, it is cheap and conventional.

In Bitrix24 exist standard tools for outgoing SMS using Twilio service. Unfortunately, there is no way when your clients may reply to that SMS!

In other words, you may send SMS from Bitrix24 to your customers, they may read, but no reply and that is why two-way SMS communication is not possible for now by default in Bitrix24.

The problem is that Twillio receives SMS from clients, but do not send them to Bitrix24.

We developed a module to sort-out that problem for incoming and outgoing text SMS, Photo SMS and Video SMS.

Our module working as following:
1. SMS come to Twillio;
2. Twillio send that SMS via webhook to our script located in the server;
3. Our PHP script checking SMS sender phone number in the CRM;
4. If sender phone already exists in Bitrix24 (in Leads, Deals, Contact, Companies) then that SMS bound that Lead, Deal etc. as a comment;
5. If our module didn’t find such phone number in Bitrix24, then it creates a new Lead and sends notification from the server to users to Bitrix24 via REST API.

Text SMS screenshot:

This is a screenshot of how text SMS may looks like

Picture or Video SMS screenshot:

Example of Photo SMS

Scheme how it is working below:

Scheme how incoming SMS is working for #Bitrix24 using Twillio

Please leave your contact details below in the form if you need such module in your #Bitrix24.

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