The organization of telephony based on Bitrix24, Asterisk and Cisco Unified Call Manager

The organization of telephony based on Bitrix24, Asterisk and Cisco Unified Call Manager

The Alpha Direct project was interesting in terms of it's implementation.

In spite of this pattern our customer set requirements for functionality, serviceability and availability of the service quite on the level of the world standards. 

Also customer jealously monitored for exact fulfillment of their requirements.

Generally work with the customer left good impression. It's always pleasant when customers know what they need and can explain it.

Customers business is insurance services. It's vital for the customer to monitor every incoming call and to provide 24/7 availability of service to real and potential clients, for example it's not rare situation when insurance comissioner must be called at night.

Customer had chosed Bitrix24 CRM for the operational needs, so he was interested in implementation of telephony also on this platform. The requirements set by the customer  are listed below: 

1. Presence of IVR;

2. Ability to distribute calls between operators (existence of call queues);

3. Ability to redirect call to the PSTN (e.g. caller presses a digit in IVR and becomes redirected to insurance comissioner's cell phone);

4. Correct representation of the Caller ID - this part is very important for CRM because a person must always be associated with the same counterpart;

5. Ability to dial short extension number in IVR etc.

 As we can ensure the listed requirements are typical for any contemporary business. Every requirement except Caller ID representation is fulfilled by the means of Bitrix24 CRM itself.

Connection scheme:

In this connection scheme Bitrix24 desktop or web apps exchange SIP and RTP traffic directly with servers in the Bitrix24 Cloud. It's the subscriber-server part or "first call leg".

The second call leg is initiated from the cloud to the Asterisk server on the telco operator platform.

The Asterisk server is used to register on the Bitrix24 cloud and to manipulate Caller ID.

Cisco Unified Call Manager acts as a PSTN gateway, also when Bitrix24 service becomes unavailable for some reason the CUCM allows to switch incoming telephony directly to the operators because every operator has stationary phone connected to the CUCM.

The scheme explained above is good in terms of security, because IP Telephony servers (Asterisk and CUCM) don't have public IP addresses.

 Connection scheme

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