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Partner Conference "Bitrix24" 2018
He attended the Bitrix24 Partner Conference (September 28, 2018).

The event was awesome !!!

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I go to such events a lot on my subject, but it was special.

Because there was great content and great speakers, I learned a lot of useful and new things.
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I especially liked the speakers who were not at all on the subject of Bitrix24 and told us how we think, what global trends in consumer motivation are waiting for us in the future, what is Artificial Intellect and what it will be in the future.

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It can be seen that Bitriks24 really creates a full-fledged affiliate network and takes care of its partners!

There were a lot of speeches from Bitrix24 about how to sell, how to do customer service, how to find the best customers.

конференция битрикс24 2018

There were a lot of speeches about Bitriks24 itself and its technical features, for me personally it was very useful.

Of course, in the beginning, as always, there was Ryzhikov’s incendiary performance. He loves his product so much and loves his business so much, it can be seen at first sight.


I especially liked his speech about atomic functions, now I know for sure that Bitrix24 has a business strategy and I understand what will happen next with Bitrix24, in which direction it goes and how it will develop.

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